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· Products [Stand Alone DVR] FS-16D / 8,16ch Full-D1 Real-Time DVR
- 480/400fps (NTSC/PAL) @ D1 RealTime Recording Performance
- Ultimate Reliablity
- Dual Monitor Support (Live or Playback at once)
- Full HD VGA, HDMI(1920X1080) Output for Live & Playback
- Full Loop Outs and 4 Spot Outputs
- 3x SATA & 1x ODD or 4x SATA High Capacity Hard Disk
& E-SATA Support
- Search Function (Calendar, Event, Text-in, Go to Time Search,
External HDD) - Convenient and safe recording Data & Backup
(USB, External HDD via E-SATA)
- Own Media Player(.exe)via One Touch Backup
- Internal Mirroring Function to Dual Recording on Multi HDDs
- Advanced User Authority Level
- Full Alarm / Sensors including Relay Sensors
- Text-in search (ATM/POS)
- Two Way Audio Support
- Remote System Control Function
- Max 128ch Playback Monitoring, Search & Controlling Management
- Remote Network Archiving Recorded Data by scheduling
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